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Sunday, August 14, 2011

religion and culture

Culture has many dimensions..if culture is to be treated as a bundle of traditions, lifestyle, management of resources, dissemination of knowledge etc., as a strict record of a particular geographical area or a particular period in the continuum of time-line, it is related to history.But culture also means the positive aspects of the character and lifestyle of an individual or a groups of people of varying sizes. Then it is related to wholesome living. Religion is a very loose term. It can be a bundle of beliefs or tenets or even semi-superstitions on the one side and on the other side of the sublimity, the search for the ultimate goals and the ultimate aims of human existence and the relation between something mundane and something ideally resplendent. If we are taking culture in is historic perspective, religion in its primitive forms was only a part of the culture. But when the two words are indicative of the search for the sublime, there is hardly any difference between them. Religion without culture can be a killer, and a culture without religion may lessen the beauty of the culture.

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