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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

how lucky we are

सान्द्रानन्दावबोधात्मकमनुपमितं कालदेशावधिभ्यां।
निर्मुक्तम् नित्य्मुक्तम् निगमशतसहस्रेण निर्भास्यमानं॥
अस्पष्टम् दृष्टमात्रे पुनरुरुपुरुषार्थात्मकं ब्रह्मतत्त्वं।
तत्तावद् भाति साक्षात् गुरुपवनपुरे हन्त भाग्यं जनानां॥
श्रीमन्नरयणीयं दशकं १ श्लोकं १
...sāndrānandāvabodhātmakamanupamitaṁ kāladeśāvadhibhyāṁ|
nirmuktam nitymuktam nigamaśatasahasreṇa nirbhāsyamānaṁ||
aspaṣṭam dṛṣṭamātre punarurupuruṣārthātmakaṁ brahmatattvaṁ|
tattāvad bhāti sākṣāt gurupavanapure hanta bhāgyaṁ janānāṁ||
śrīmannarayaṇīyaṁ daśakaṁ 1 ślokaṁ 1
 may krishna bless us.. may he permit my fingers to move and my mind to contemplate on Him, my sweet Krishna 
A divine thing which is the composite and concentrated embodiment of ecstacy and enlighenment, which is without any other object in the universe for comparison, which is completely detached from the limitation of time, terrain and borders, which is bereft of any feelings of pleasure and pain, which is explained and praised to the fullest extent by the vakyaas and manthras of the shrutis or vedas, which, even though it is not clear at first sight for one who beholds , at the same time it becomes the only desirable thing for the person at the first thing -(one who sees it would never want to see anything else--) is shining forth as the ultimate realizabe principles of brahman..Its abode is the place of guru and vayu..the great guruvaayur.. and indeed it is the great fortune for all living beings. yes, we are all really fortunate, we can see that great being in the shape of a granite idol in that blessed guruvayur.. Bhattathiri is finding it difficult to envisage the superlative term for that great fortune.. he gasps..Hantha. Have you even had a flash of that light in your prayers? Then you are not for this world. This slokam has much in common with the first slokam of Srimad bhagavathe... Janmaadhyasya yatonvayaat....

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