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Sunday, August 21, 2011

कृष्ण ! कारुण्यसिन्धो

योगीन्द्राणां त्वदङ्गेष्वधिकसुमधुरं मुक्तिभाजां निवासो।
भक्तानां कामवर्षद्युतरुकिसलयम् नाथ ते पादमूलं॥
नित्यं चित्तस्थितं मे पवनपुरपते कृष्ण कारुण्यसिन्धो।
हृत्वा निःशेषतापान् प्रदिशतु परमानन्दसन्दोहलक्ष्मीं॥ १०
श्रीमन्नारायण भत्तपादविरचिते नारायणीये दशकः १००
yogīndrāṇāṁ tvadaṅgeṣvadhikasumadhuraṁ muktibhājāṁ nivāso|
bhaktānāṁ kāmavarṣadyutarukisalayam nātha te pādamūlaṁ||
nityaṁ cittasthitaṁ me pavanapurapate kṛṣṇa kāruṇyasindho|
hṛtvā niḥśeṣatāpān pradiśatu paramānandasandohalakṣmīṁ|| 10
śrīmannārāyaṇa bhattapādaviracite nārāyaṇīye daśakaḥ 100

Today's birthday boy is Shri Gurvayurappan.. the Krishna without any comparison..

 Even on His birthday we have nothing to offer Him except petitions for our own deliverance. 
When He is the source of everything, 
the one who simply has housed everything in His huge belly--(hence we call him Damodhara)..
what can we offer Him?.. other than our complete dedication.  

Naryana Bhattathiri concludes his Narayaneeyam with the prayer I have quoted above..

" Krishna, you the ocean of compassion for all  living things,  

all the great yogins who have attained emancipation,  live blissfully in your divine body, 
the tip of your lotus feet is like the fresh sprout of   the celestial Kalpavriksha 
which showers unto your bhaktaas (devotees) all that they have desired in their remotest dreams, 
and you have placed that feet in my mind 
 and that mine carries all my thoughts only for you,
 you the master of the city of wind.. pavanapura..Gurvayoor, 

may your divine Grace  in its supreme compassion,
 remove all the sufferings I undergo physically and mentally, 
and deluge me in the supreme shower of ecstasy.. "


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