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Thursday, August 18, 2011

dangers of mispronunciation

Regarding faulty pronunciation of manthras during kriyas and yagaas, there is a story in Skaanda Puranam which warns about the dire consequences of such errors. Once Narada performed a yaagam to propitiate Lord Shiva, and while paying oblations through agni, some manthras were not rendered properly.. The result was that a ferocious wild goat appeared from the agni and started driving away both... the agni and Narada and creating destruction all aroud in the bargain. Chased by the goat the fire and Narada took refuge in Kailasam the abode of Shiva. Lord Shiva was not available at that time but Lord Subramania the Commanander-in-chief of the Gods was there and the fire and Narada ran to Subramania being with the ferocious goat in their trail. The Lord simply asked his chief of staff Veerabhaahu to deal with the wild animal. Veerabhu, with great ease caught hold of the horn of the goat and simply beat the floor a few times with the torso of the Goat. The goat was drained of all its ferocity and the Lord presented the animal to Agni and from that day Agni started using the goat at his mount. It is said that Murugan (Subramanya) also had a joyride on the back of the goat and so the Goat is also considered as a mount for Subramania, in addition to His Royal peacock.
Murugan interfered and tamed the goat. If not, the mispronunciation of Vedas could have caused permanent damage to the universe.

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