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Sunday, August 21, 2011

modern theories and traditional evolution of human thoughts

modern theories and traditional evolution of human thoughts
The word "scientific" has to be used in a more catholic way.. The rigours and sterility of modern science were not available in the past. No X-rays, antibiotics or GM counters, no amplitude or fequency modulaton were known .. but they say the seers could transmit and receive the mind waves, which some say are also part of the electromagnetic spectrum with even higher energy of frequency level, but that is not yet proved scientifically. WWW was not there but the sages perhaps captured the knowledge from the ether though tuning their minds. In fact on the question of vedas and other knowledge being lost at the end of each yuga and yuga cycle, there are mentions in the Karikas accompanying Vedas that the origin of Vedas always started with a lotus sprouting from the navel of Vishnu while he was in yoganidra.(was the lotus stalk just a sort of antenna?) and the Brahma appearing there and just creating vedas and imparting them to the sages and some say it was done through mental transfer. When such Vedas were lost at the interludes of changing Yugas brahma asked the rishis to contemplate very deeply and gain the Vedas once again and this they did effectively. Vedas and Smritis like that of Manu, are said to have come out of such deep contemplation. The word dheemahi... in gayatri and "satyam param dheemahi" in bhagavatham--, is seen as the word for deepest contemplation for attracting knowledge.. The sushumna as we perceive in yoga system is another carrier of signals and when properly tuned the power of kundalini is allowed to raise and flow upwards (current) and gain potency ( potential difference or Voltage) as the power (or energy.. these are two separated by the time factor in physics) as it reaches up from mooladhara, swdhistana, manipoora, anahata, visudhi chakras to the ajna chakra or at a higher level, sahasraara. In that elevated energy state the human brain appears to be in resonance with the universal wisdom and just like a usual radio receiver with LCR circuit resonates and catches up the waves of some particular frequency when tuned properly.The brain or mind also is said to have received the signals and such signals have got interpreted through the sense organs. In the tattwa of Dakshinamuthy we see that the young Dakshinaamoorthy is imparting knowledge to his aged desciples Sankas etc through silence either in gestures (chinmudra) or through transfer of data from mind to mind., We are yet to know the structure of the biological transmitter or receiver, the mode of transmission, the frequency of the wave, whether there were carrier waves also, etc. But even zoologists and students of nature have discovered some sort of dissemination of such knowledge though non verbal media among living beings. The only stumbling block in the mindset of ours is that we have got tuned to certain wavelengths whose level of resonance, sympathetic vibration and the perception that could be triggered are very limited. And remaining in such frequencies or wavelength ( the frequency and wavelength are inversely proportional and hence I am using the two terms for the same purpose) most of us could not get attuned to some rare sources of intelligence (meaning information)..I think this separates individual human beings in their level of efficiency in particular fields, especially like arts, music, faculties in language etc..We have to understand that the weight of the brains might vary only by half an ounce between a dumb person and an Einstein.. It is in this context that the individual sense of superiority or what we call in loose terms as ego have no real significance. Our minds and we humans are mere mirrors and the reflections or absorptions depending on the thermodynamic concepts of radiation and our limited study of the perfect white body and black body may have to be extended to the functions of perception also. Tam eva bhaantam anubhaanthi sarvam... He is shining there and everything just reflects his resplendence...

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