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Monday, November 15, 2010

collection and recovery

आदेयस्य प्रदेयस्य कर्तव्यस्य च कर्मणः।
क्षिप्रमक्रियमाणस्य कालः पिबति सम्पदः॥
बल्लालदेवस्य भोजप्रबन्धात्
ādeyasya pradeyasya kartavyasya ca karmaṇaḥ|
kṣipramakriyamāṇasya kālaḥ pibati sampadaḥ||
ballāladevasya bhojaprabandhāt

ആദേയസ്യ പ്രദേയസ്യ കര്തവ്യസ്യ ച  കര്‍മണ:
ക്ഷിപ്രം അക്രിയമാണസ്യ കാല: പിബതി സമ്പദ;
ഭോജ പ്രബന്ധം  ബല്ലാല ദേവന്‍
In the matter of some payments and collection of money and performance of the duties attached to it if the proper action is not taken very quickly, the entire wealth or money will be eaten away by time and there will be nothing left to pay or receive.

The above statement has eternal relevance.  If a moneylender advances some money and keeps quiet, the possibility of recovery for him is bleak.  If a borrower falls into the trap of a clever lender and makes delay in repayment,  the former will be reduced to penury because the interest payable will be of multiple magnitude in comparison to the borrowed capital.
It should be an eye opener to the tax regime, especially the tax recovery officers...If some tax is determined as due and the taxpayer procrastinates, it will be the duty of the tax collector to enforce payment immediately using all the powers at his disposal...even using powers that are not available with him.  We will see in the fiscal history of all civilised nations huge amounts by way of tax arrears  lying in litigation and it would be found that after decades of litigation, when the law decides in favour of Revenue,  there will be no one left to pay.  And even if the due is to be collected the huge interest attached to it will bring the taxpayer to complete annihilation by eating away all his wealth in  litigation , fee for the lawyer and ultimately the payment of the dues.
So quick action is the only effective weapon with the recovery officer.  He can take a few lessons from the story of one brahmin named Nakshatriya.  King Harischandra had promised some money to be paid to Sage Viswamitra in connection with a sacrifice.  The wily sage had arranged through some rats to empty the coffers of the King.  The king was unable  to pay off. The sage deputed his assistant Nakshatriya as the recovery officer.  The Brahmin proved himself to be well cut for the job.  Every morning, midday and evening and if the king is awake in the night. at that time also, he would knock at the doors of the king and demand the money and would warn in great detail what would be the consequence of non payment. Further he would dish out choicest abusive words also along with such warnings..  Ultimately the king had to sell off whatever he had and run away for life followed by his wife and only child
So  every tax collector should pay respects to Nakshatriya and follow his path if they have to be successful in their jobs.

    i  do hope some of my taxmen friends will use this ancient advise to best  purpose

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