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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

the crushed balls

The crushed balls....
अव्यापारेषु व्यापारं यो नरः कर्तुमिच्छति।
स एव निधनं याति कीलोत्पाटीव वानरः॥
avyāpāreu vyāpāra yo nara kartumicchati|
sa eva nidhana yāti kīlotpāīva vānara||

അവ്യാപാരെഷു വ്യാപാരം യോ നര: കര്‍ത്തും ഇച്ഛതി
സ ഏവ നിധനം യാതി കീലോത്പാടീവ വാനര:
"Anyone who tries to poke into matters which do not concern him,
meets his end, just like the monkey who tried to remove the wedge."

Near the city limits, a temple was being built by the son of a business man. 
In the noon-time, the carpenters working on that project , used to go into the city for lunch.
One day suddenly a group of monkeys, while roaming around, landed themselves at the constructin site. One of the carpenters had put a wedge to identify the cut portion in the middle of a half-cut log of an Arjuna tree . 

The monkeys started playing around the wooden logs which were being cut and shaped to build the temple.
One of those monkeys---perhaps fate had ordained that its death was
near--sat on that half-cut log with a wedge placed in the middle. 
It could not resist the temptation to pull at the wedge so as to remove it..
And the monkey did pull out the wedge with great dexterity, but as the 
wedge moved out, the monkey's hanging genitals was caught in the gap in the log secured by the wedge . 
The wooden pieces kept apart by the wedge closed the gap and the monkey's balls got crushed killing the monkey instantly.

I have lifted the translation from one of the texts meant for young children. 
The meaning and message are quite clear and without clichés. 
Most of us human beings cannot conceal the genes we have inherite from our forefathers. 
And so most of the time we are nosey about the business of others. 
In place and out of place, we always think, interfere with and criticize the day to day business of others. 
Our opinions are given absolutely free of cost. 
We fail to understand the irritation that such favourite pastime on our parts causes to others. 
The punchline is that at least once in our lives we would wag our tongues in the wrong place too often and get the same parts as our grandfather monkey get crushed. 
We would, of course, deserve it eminently.

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