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Sunday, November 21, 2010

the two sweetest letters "मि" "त्रं"

शोकारातिपरित्राणम् प्रीतिविस्रम्भभाजनं।
केन रत्नमिदं सृष्टं मित्रमित्यक्षरद्वयम्॥
बल्लालदेवस्य  भोजप्रबन्धात्
śokārātiparitrāṇam prītivisrambhabhājanaṁ|
kena ratnamidaṁ sṛṣṭaṁ mitramityakṣaradvayam||
ballāladevasya  bhojaprabandhāt

ശോകാരാതി പരിത്രാണം പ്രീതി വിസ്രംഭഭാജനം
കേന രത്നമിദം സൃഷ്ടം മിത്രമിത്യക്ഷരദ്വയം
who  has created the wonderful and sweet gem in two letters mi tram (मि  त्रं)  meaning a friend?... That gem is  our talisman against fear and enemies. It is the repository of all  our affection  and absolute confidence.

Here the poet compares a dear friend to a rare gem.  Some gems are believed to fulfil all the desires of the one who possessed them.  Here the friend  is the remover of one's grief and a protector against one's enemies. Showering all our affection and confidence on such a friend will be a tribute which is thoroughly inadequate.
One who possesses such a friend is fortunate beyond words and thought.  There are limitations in any sort of relationship.  One may be circumspect in sharing all his secrets even with his own wife or son.   But when it comes to a dear friend, no barriers will exist.  A true friend can be one's ardent fan and at the same time he can be the worst critic also. I feel even the elevated vision of poesy  becomes inept  to describe the phenomenon of friendship.  Krishna is the property of everyone but Arjuna holds preference shares in this institution because he is Krishna's friend.


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