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Saturday, November 27, 2010

with deep pain being insulted at the hand of a persons who thinks he is the supreme lord

I am not bothered about what was deleted.  It is not some important magna carta.  But your apprehension that your group will not be able to take even a joke makes me really afraid.  The one quality a man should possess if he is to claim superiority over animals is the capacity to laugh at oneself.  If a little joke will break the teeth then we have no right to call ourselves human.  I am tempted to quote Dale Canegie here.. "a drop of honey will attract more bees than tonnes of gall..that honey is humour.  If the 350 odd members have come together to show off their merchandise and not to care about others, what is the meaning of a friendship group.  I have really thousands of friends outside these 350 or so but one cannot be too rich when friendship is concerned. It is only for this reason that I was holding on to this group also in spite of your chauvinism about malayalam, the elitism of some persons..reminding me of George Orwells Animal Farm, where its is stated that " All pigs are equal but some are more equal.." and nearer home, if one cannot laugh with Basheer when he says"nduppappakkoraanendaarnuu,  oru ballya kuyyaana"  we are all but kuyyanas of different sizes.. 
Let me tell my own experience.  Two of my staff members had visited me at home and we were just talking about dowry during marriges.  The Christian  Raju said he would have got at least five lakhs and 100 sovereigns.  My inspector Agarwal, a Rajastani was telling that he will get a few lakhs in dowry, a car, a fridge, a camel and even a horse if he asked for it.  An old married man of 25 years I was telling that as a pattar I would have got a good meal for my marriage, and in addition I was presented with a donkey even without my asking for it.  
My wife, a  post graduate teacher in government service was present there at the time of this discussion and she laughed her heart out.  This is what I understand by sense of humour.   If the group is just for the sake of blowing each ones own trumpet and sneering at others,  what is the purpose of such groups.
Remember, a friend is worth a million dollors but a friend lost is a loss of billions of dollars.

2010/11/27 Ananthanarayanan Vaidyanathan <>


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