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Friday, November 19, 2010

Where else to search for celbrations?

मरणम् मङ्गलम् यत्र विभूतिश्च विभूषणं।
कौपीनं यत्र कौशेयम् सा काशी केन मीयते॥
भोजप्रबन्धम्  भल्लालदेवकृतं
maraṇam maṅgalam yatra vibhūtiśca vibhūṣaṇaṁ|
kaupīnaṁ yatra kauśeyam sā kāśī kena mīyate||
bhojaprabandham  bhallāladevakṛtaṁ
മരണം മംഗളം  യത്ര വിഭൂതിശ്ച്ച  വിഭൂഷണം
കൌപീനം യത്ര കൌശേയം  സാ കാശീ  കേന  മീയതെ
who can measure the greatness of the divine city of Kaasi?   Death is a great celebration there.  The ashes from the pyre are the most valued adornments. The loincloth is celebrated as greater than the most valuable silk garment and worn as such.

Yes, the presence of parameswarsa the lord of Lords Shiva makes all the differencce.  Leaving the mortal coils lying at one of the ghats of varanaasi, when the lord is taking you on his laps and chanting the thaarakamanthram..what  greater celebration can be there for a human being.  The lord, the source of all wealth and source of all blessings is ever present there smearing his body with the ashes taken from the funeral pyres, wears a mere loin cloth and dances around.. Where else to search for celbrations?

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