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Monday, November 29, 2010

inept counsel destroys all

एकं विषरसो हन्ति शस्त्रेणैकश्च वध्यते।
सराष्त्रं सप्रजम् हन्ति राजानं मन्त्रविस्रवः॥
ekaṁ viṣaraso hanti śastreṇaikaśca vadhyate|
sarāṣtraṁ saprajam hanti rājānaṁ mantravisravaḥ||

ഏകം വിഷരസം ഹന്തി ശസ്ത്രേണ ഏകശ്ച വധ്യതെ
സരാഷ്ട്രം സപ്രജം ഹന്തി രാജാനം മന്ത്രവിസ്റവ:
a potion mixed with poison can kill a man (god, it should not be socrates everytime)  or a single arrow can be the cause of death for one person (again hopefully it is not always  abhimanyu)  but  bad counsel by ministers kills the king along with his nation and all his subjects.

Behind the ruin of every great person there would be a posse of advisers and yes men.  History has proved this beyond an iota of doubt.  But can you find an establishment without nasty advisors  be it a council of ministers for the state  to the headquarters officers or secretaries  for the administrative
heads in  lower but powerful hierarchy?.. The advisors will eat up the boss, the subordinate setup and in the process perish themselves.


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