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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

goat to the altar

goat to the altar
अश्वं नैव गजं नैव व्याघ्रं नैव न चैव च।
अजापुत्रो बलिं दध्यात् दैवो दुर्बलघातकः॥

aśvaṁ naiva gajaṁ naiva vyāghraṁ naiva na caiva ca|
ajāputro baliṁ dadhyāt daivo durbalaghātakaḥ||

അശ്വം നൈവ ഗജം നൈവ വ്യാഘ്രം നൈവ ന ചൈവ ച
അജാപുത്രോ ബലിം ദധ്യാത് ദൈവോ ദുര്ബ്ബലഘാതക

No one kills a Horse and offers the flesh to God.
No one ventures to kill an elephant with similar intent.
The tiger could never be found in the list..
But the baby goat always finds its way to the sacrificial altaar.

One has to wonder 
whether the gods are excessively keen 
to devour only the weaker beings.

The innocent quip triggers many thoughts

when we apply the logic to an organizational set up, or to politics.
In an organization the fellow who makes a lot of showmanship,
or a muscleman
or the roaring boss
are are all safe.

The silent plodder with be the sacrificial goat.

Even in social meets,
the noisy,
the messy
and the voluble get their due

but the silent gentleman is brushed aside.

Politics, after all is a game of deception and gift of the gab and nothing but continuous manipulation.

However, politicians always line up some sacrificial goats in their front rows.
so that the thrashes and brickbats are suffered by them

while the real foxes who watch from behind can taste blood.

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