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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Decisions taken under the influence of anger can result only in self destruction

Decisions taken under the influence of anger can result only in self destruction

शिवमौपायिकम् गरीयसीं फलनिष्पत्तिमदूषितायतीं।
विगणय्य नयन्ति पौरुषम् विजितक्रोधरया जिगीषवः॥
भारवेः किरातार्जुनीयात् 2-35
śivamaupāyikam garīyasīṁ phalaniṣpattimadūṣitāyatīṁ|
vigaṇayya nayanti pauruṣam vijitakrodharayā jigīṣavaḥ||
bhāraveḥ kirātārjunīyāt
ശിവം ഓപായികം ഗരീയസീം ഫലനിഷ്പത്തിം അദൂഷിതായതീം
വിഗണയ്യ നയന്തീ പൌരുഷം വിജിതക്രോധരയാ ജിഗിഷവ;
കിരാതാര്‍ജുനീയം ഭാരവി

जिगीषवः who are desirous of success ( नृपाः rulers) विजितक्रोधरया the path in which anger is defeated गरीयसीं very thoughtful, heavy अदूषितायतीं path which is blemishless फलनिष्पत्तिं oriented at good results विगणय्य considering पौरुषं path of boldness शिवमौपायिकं strategic and yielding good result नयन्ति lead ॥
jigīṣavaḥ nṛpāḥ vijitakrodhrayā garīyasīṁ adūṣitāyatīṁ phalaniṣpattiṁ vigaṇayya pauruṣaṁ śivamaupāyikaṁ nayanti||

This is a very valuable quote from one of the five mahakavyaas of Sankrit, Kiraatarjuneeyam of Bharavi.

The famous storyline for this sublime poetic creation is derived from the Indian Epic Mahabharatham,

While living in exile in forest the Pandavas. the irritating news that even after perpetrating so much injuries through deception and treachery, Duryodhana their enemy and his brothers and living in pomp and power .

Naturally, the younger brothers of the righteous king Yudhistira and the queen Draupadi and not able to conceal their anguish and . and they are raring for revenge.

But the words of wisdom come from the righteous King Dharmaputra.

He says,

Those whose aim in life is to attain success and prosperity,

the prosperity and success which are of ever lasting and strategic value ,

the prosperity and success whose value is perennial,

the prosperity and success which yield only positive benefits in great abundance,

the property and success which are earned through blemishless action

lead their heroic lives setting aside the tendency to act in thoughtless rage because such impulsive action under the influence of rage will destroy whatever advantages they already possess.

How true!
To attain and enjoy Royal eminence are really splendid. 
But to fulfill one's aims one has to think well before embarking on acrimonious actions.

Decisions taken under the influence of anger can result only in self destruction

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