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Monday, March 01, 2010

what to earn

प्रथमे नार्जिता विद्या द्वितीये नार्जितं धनम्।
तृतीये नार्जितं पुण्यं चतुर्थे किं करिष्यति ।।
chanakya neethi

prathamey naarjithaa vidhdhyaa dhwitheeyey naarjitham dhanam
thritheeyey naarjitham punyam  chathurthey kim karishyathi

പ്രഥേമ നാറ്ജിതാ വിദ്യാ ദ്വിതീയേ നാറ്ജിതം ധനം
തൃതീയേ നാറ്ജിതം പുണ്യം ചതുറ്ഥേ കിം കരിഷ്യതി

If one has not acquired proper education in the first phase of his life (youth), adequate wealth in the second stage of his life (the productive age), and earning of sufficient punyaas through good deeds charity etc., in the third stage
( pre- geriatric stage when one is still in control of himself and his resources)  what is he going to do in the final stage when death is staring at him?

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