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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

sword savvy

सहसा विदधीत न क्रियां अविवेकः परमापदां पदम्  ।
वृणते हि विमृश्यकारिणं गुणलुब्धाः स्वयमेव सम्पदः।।

kiratharjuneeyam of Bahravi

Sahasaa vidhadeetha na kriyam  avivekah param aapadaam padam
vrinathey hi vimrushya kaarinam  gunalubhdhah  swayameva sampadah

സഹസാ വിദധീത ന ക്രിയാം അവിവേകഃ പരമാപദാം പദം
വൃണതേ ഹി വിമൃശ്യകാരിണം ഗുണലുബ്ധാഃ സ്വയമേവ സമ്പദഃ

One should never jump into action in a haste without proper discrimination.  Lack of forethought is the root cause of grave dangers,  The wealth and welfare are by nature very miserly to visit a person, but they always throng towards the person who always does things after thorough planning and analysis.

There is an interesting story about this sloka and many would have already heard of it. Bharavi, one of the greatest authors was languishing without a sponsor for his kavya  and visited the court of the local king and tried to present this sloka before the royalty.  The king had a cursory hearing of it as he was in a hurry to depart on a hunting spree. The poet, like the usual poor, lingered on. Something happened on that day. The Royal couple had only one boy who had earlier in life been lost to them perhaps in some intrigue. The boy, now a beautiful and ebullient youth,  showed himself at the Palace.  The queen knew no bounds for her happiness.  She started celebrating the gift of this son and after having him bathed, fed, made him sleep in their own royal bed and was watching the youth in affection and admiration while he slept. The king returned after hunt at this juncture and what he saw was shocking..His own wife, sitting in wait for an unknown man in their own royal bed.  His Kshatra blood boiled and he drew out  the sword to do its bounden male and one female head were about to lose their connections from their torso. somehow the sloka heard by the king in the morning from the poor poet just peeped into his mind from the recesses of memory.  He stopped and tried to enquire before plunging into action.  Meanwhile  the queen was advancing him in a deliriously happy mood shouting in inarticulate words that  their own son whom they had thought as lost for ever, has come back and was sleeping and he should not disturb him.  He heard it and the facts struck him like a sledgehammer.  The king was trying to slaughter his only son, a gift from God and his own beloved queen in a fit of reckless anger.  The next thought was about the indigent poet who had tried to sell the idea of thoughtful action to him in the morning.  He summoned him, honoured him and commissioned the creation of a poem on the same metre.  And thus was born the classic, Kirataarjuneeyam.

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