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Thursday, March 04, 2010

truth is absolute

सत्येन धार्यते पृथ्वी सत्येन तपते रविः।
सत्येन वायवो वान्ति सर्वं सत्ये प्रतिष्ठितम्।।
chanakya neethi
satyena dhaaryathey prthevee satyena tapathey ravih
satyena vaayavo vaanthi sarvam sathyey prathisthitham

സത്യേന ധാര്യതേ പൃഥ്വീ സത്യേന തപതേ രവിഃ
സത്യേന വായവോ വാന്തി സറ്വം സത്യേ പ്രതിഠിതം

the earth is held aloft it its proper course by truth, the sun is radiating heat through fission based on truth
the winds are moving in directions ordained by truth, therefore everything is absolutely dependent of truth
(think of the Ritam, the sacred vedic word which is truth and something more)

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