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Sunday, March 28, 2010

the real law of Aarshabharatham

the real law of Aarshabharatham

श्रदधदानाः शुभां विद्यां आदेयादवरादपि।
अन्त्यादति परां धर्मं स्त्रीरत्नं दुष्कुलादपि।।

sradhadhadhaanah shubhaam vidhyaam aadheyaadhavaradaadapi
anthyaadapi param dharmam sthreerathnam dushkulaadhapi

ശ്രദ്ധദാനാഃ ശുഭാം വിദ്യാം ആദേയാദവരദാദപി
അന്ത്യാദപിനപരാംധര്‍മ്മം സ്ത്രീരത്നം ദുഷ്കുലാദപി

we in India have always learned to decry all our old thoughts as conservative, pro-elite, and inflexible.  This edict one from one of the master lawmakers, (I find from my references) 

those who have intense yearning and interest in learning should not hesitate to go and learn from a person with knowledge in the field even if he is not of matching caste, status etc.,  the ultimate dharma of life should be begged and acquired even if the source for such knowledge is the lowest born human being if the latter is capable of imparting it. And one should not consider about the bad name or status of the family while accepting a gem-like girl in marriage

What else can you expect from the most mature civilization in this world?  We have heard only about jathibhedam and mathadwesham but ours was always a country without such discrimination as proclaimed by the greatest Narayana guru.  If the evil souls manipulated the noble thoughts and law to suit their ulterior motives it was only the failure of the system.  
Not the noble preceptors. 
All know the experience of sankara before a chandala  with four dogs who appeared before him in his path and Shankara asked Him to move away from the path because the Chandalas proximity was polluting. Then Chandala asks about who was impure, whether the body of the Chandala or the Atman residing inside him.Shankara is humbled and it so happens that the Chandala was Lord Shankara Himself, and the four dogs he was leading were the four Vedas..

Friends, I would request you to forward this one to every friend of yours who  loves India and I may be given a copy of it.  I am sure such simple bul unadulerated law can arise only in this great sacred land

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