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Sunday, March 21, 2010

inherent qualities never give up

मूलं भुजङ्गैःशिखरं प्लवङ्गैः
शाखा विहङ्गैःकुसुमानि भृङगैः
 आसेव्यते दुष्टजनैः समस्तैः
न चन्दनं मुञ्चति शीतलत्वम्

moolam bhujangaih shikaram plavangai
shakha vihangaih kususmani brungaih
aasevtathey dushtajanaih samastaih
na chandanam munchathi sheethalatwam

മൂലം ഭുജംഗൈഃ ശീഖരംപ്ളവംഗൈഃ
ശാഖാ വിഹംഗൈ കുസുമാനി ഭൃംഗൈഃ
ആസേവ്യതേ ദുഷ്ഠജൈനഃ സമസ്തൈഃ
ന ചന്ദനം മുഞ്ചതി ശീതലത്വം

the root is inhabited by the most poisonous serpent, the top is occupied by the ugly vicious monkeys, the branches are infested by wild birds, the flowers are always drained by large beetles and thus the sandal tree is always surrounded and under attace by the worst evil elements.  But see, the sandal tree never gives up its natural capacity of bestowing  coolness.  The really noble beings do not give up their natural benevolence even when everything evil is infesting them.

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