pachai maamalai pol mene

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

appearances are deceptive

मुखंपद्मदळाकारं वचनश्चन्दन शीतळम्
हृत् कर्तरिसमं च अतिविनयं धूर्तलक्षणम्

mukham padmadhalaakaaram vachanah chandanaseethalam
hrit kartari samam cha athivinayam  doorthalakshanam

മുഖം പദ്മദളാകാരം വചനശ്ചന്ദനശിതളം
ഹൃത് കര്തരീസമം ചഅതിവിനയംദൂര്തതലക്ഷണം

the cheats usually exhibit a face which is as beautiful
as a lotus petal, their words would be as soothing and cooling as sandal paste itself, they will be showing so much of solicitude to you as if they are existing only for your welfare, but beware, their  heart is set to cut you to pieces as though with the sharpest razor.

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