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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

the patriarch

अन्न दाता भयत्राता विद्यादाता तदैव च।
जनिता चोपनेता पञ्चैते पितरः स्मृताः।।
chanakya neethi

annadhatha bhaya thraatha vidhya daatha tadaiiva cha
janithaa cha upanethaa cha pachaithey pitharah smrithah

അന്നദാതാ ഭയത്രാതാ വിദ്യാദാതാ തദൈവ ച
ജനിതാ ച ഉപനേതാ ച പഞ്ചൈതേ പിതരഃ സ്മൃതാഃ

apart from the natural father who sired us we have to honour and respect  the person who has constantly fed us, who has always protected us from great fears in childhood, our teacher, and the person who initiated us into the divine path have also  as equal to our father.  (the master chanakya  stresses here the importance of father- like figures in our lives,,,, the ruler, the teacher and the initiator)

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