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Sunday, March 07, 2010

the difference a noble mind makes

विद्या विवादाय धनं मदाय शक्तिः परेषां परिपीडनाय।
खलस्य साधोर्विपरीतमेतद् ज्ञानय दानाय च रक्षणाय।।


vidhyaa vivaadhaaya dhanam madaaya sakthih pareshaam paripeedanaaya
khalasya saadhor vipareethamethat jnaanaay dhaanaya cha rakshanaaya

വിദ്യാ വിവാദായ ധനം മദായ ശക്തിഃ പരേഷാം പരിപീഡനായ
ഖലസ്യ സാധോഃ വിപരീതമേതദ് ജ്ഞാനായ ദാനായ ച രക്ഷണായ

the stubborn and evil-minded fellow applies his knowledge in vexatious and destructive arguments (lawyers may take note)  uses his whole wealth to show off his pompous lifestyle and demeaning others,  and any power at his disposal to harass anyone he could (government officials and police are experts in this).  The noble hearted persons find themselves at a diametrically opposite point  They use knowledge to acquired further knowledge and disseminate it, their wealth is used for the welfare of other needy fellow human beings and the power they possess is applied in self defence or for the protection of others.

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