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Thursday, March 18, 2010

respect given on the approriate locatin

अपेक्ष्यते साधुजेन वैदिकीथशानशूलस्य न यूपसत्क्रिया

apekshyathy sadhujanena vaiddikee smasaana soolasya na yoopa satrkriah
അപേക്ഷ്യതേ സാധുജനേന വൈദികീ ശ്മശാനശൂലസ്യ ന യുപസത്ക്രീയാ
when a great yagna is initiated, aholy trunk\ of  sacred tree is ceremoniously brought into  to the yagnasala and it is planted with all devotion and poojas. However there is a large wooden soola erected in a burial ground where some condemned crimials are forcibly erected to death. Here Kalidasa  says the the sensible men do not perform the sacred pooja to the soola in the burial ground though the same is done ceremoniously to the yoopa in yajna sala.   This means  two things which may  look alike but because of their location and utility they get vastly different treatments.

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