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Monday, March 29, 2010

contagious diseases

मूर्खशिष्योपदेशेन दुष्ठस्त्री भरणेन च।
दुःखितैः संप्रयोगेण पण्डितोप्यवसीदति।।
chanakya neethi
moorkhashishyopadesena  dhustastree bharanena cha
dukhihaih samprayogena  pandithopyavaseedhathi

മൂര്ഖശിഷ്യോപദേശേന ദുഷ്ടസ്ത്രീ ഭരണേന ച
ദുഃഖിതൈഃ സംപ്രയോഗേണ പണ്ഡിതോപ്യവസീദതി

even the most learned and efficient man comes to grief through  the advice of a disciple or follower who is an absolute idiot
or by being in the company, control and influence of a wicked woman or by being exposed to a set   of people who are always sad  or always find reason to be gloomy.

a busy scholar, if he has an idiot for his assistant can at some stage face humiliation because of the actions of the deputy.  When the great man has consented  to be the victim to the whims and fancies of  a wicked woman whose capacities seep into his own psyche also, he will have to pay for it .  And the presence of sob sisters and wetblankets in one's life is the sure and the fastest way to failure

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