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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

value of black beads

न वेत्ति यो यस्य गुणप्रकर्षम्
स तं सदा निन्दति नात्र चित्रम्
यथा किराती करि कुंभजाताम्
मुक्तां परित्यज्य बिभर्त्ति गुञ्जाम्

chanakya neethi

na veththi yo yasya guna prakarshm

sa tam sada nindatha naatra chitram
yadhaa kiraathee kari kumbha jaathaam
mukthamm parithyajyam bibarthi gunjaam

ന വേത്തി യോ യസ്യ ഗുണ പ്രകര്ഷം
സ തം സദാ നിന്ദതി നാത്ര ചിത്രം
യഥാ കിരാതീ കരികുംഭജാതാം
മുക്താം പരിത്യജ്യ ബിഭര്ത്തി ഗുഞ്ജാം

A person who does not or is not capable of  understanding the real worth of a great thing  is always engaged in neglecting it  and  always viewing at it with contempt.. There is no wonder in it
See, the hunter woman, she rejects the pure pearl pouring out of the cranial portion (mastakam) of a bull elephant and enjoys wearing with elan a chain made of mere black beads.

It is believed that pieces of unformed ivory lying in the cranial cavity of a tusker get scattered in the lands of forest when the lion breaks the head of the elephant.  The hunter-woman is in search of tic tacs to adorn herself but the pearls scattered from the head of the elephant does not attract her fancy.  Even if she finds, she throws it away. All that she  would go after is the cheap black beads..  Chanakya has a dig at people going after silly things and in that process rejecting and deriding worthy causes.

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