pachai maamalai pol mene

Friday, March 19, 2010


परदारान्परद्रव्यं परिवादंपरस्यच।
परिहासं गुरोः स्थाने चापल्यं च विवर्जयेत्
paradhaaran paradhravyam parivadam parasya cha
parihasam guroh sthaane chapalyam  cha vivarjayet

പരദാരാന് പരദ്രവ്യാന് പരിവാദംപരസ് യ ച
പരിഹാസം ഗുരോഃ സ്ഥാനേ ചാപലം ച വിവ്ജയേത്

the following evil predilection of the mind should be rooted out at any cost... desire for someone else's wife. scandalizing others, throwing saracstic insul at others and exhibiting silly and unbecoming character in the presence of the preceptor and respectable persons.

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