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Friday, March 12, 2010

message of the mendicant

द्वारं द्वारं अटन् भिक्षुः दीयते न तु  याचतॆ।
अदत्वा मादृशो मा भूः दत्ववा त्वं त्वादृशी भव ।

dwaaram dwaaram atan bikshuh deeyathey na thu yaachathey
adhattwa maadruso ma abhooh  dathwa twam twaadrisee bhava

ദ്വാരം ദ്വാരം അടന്  ഭിക്ഷുഃ ദീയതേ ന തു യാചതേ
അദത്വാ മാദൃശോ മാ ഭൂഃ ദത്വാ ത്വം ത്വാദൃശീ ഭവ

the beggar who visits the doorsteps of everyone is in fact not begging for alms .
He is giving the advice that you do not become one like me by not giving anything to anybody , but be charitable and continue to  be like yourself (as you are now)
this is a rustic subhashitam but conveys a terse message

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