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Thursday, March 25, 2010

bolt infinitum

शकटं पञ्जहस्तेषु दशहस्तेषु वाजिनम्
गजं हस्तसहस्रेण दुष्टं दूरेण वारयेत्

shakatam pancha hastheshu dashahastheshu vaajinam
gajam hastha sahasreshu dushtam doorena varayet

ശകടംപഞ്ചഹസ്തേഷു ദശഹസ്തേഷു വാജിനം
ഗജം ഹസ്തസഹസ്രേഷു ദുഷ്ടം ദൂരേണ വാരയേത്

One should take care to avoid a vehicle at-least when it is five hand measures (seven and half feet) away,  he should turn away from a bolting horse at least fifteen feet away and from a rowdy elephant even thousand five hundred feet away should be avoided, but there can be any measure of hands to prescribe to bolt away from an evil person.
The distance relative to  the vehicle, horse and elephant may have different values with changing times but in the case of an idiotic, evil fellow the distance we are to keep is always infinity

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