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Saturday, March 20, 2010

temporary detachment and satiety

पुराणान्ते श्मशानान्ते मैथुनान्ते च या मतिः
सा मतिःसर्वदा चेत् स्यात् को न मुच्येत बन्धनात्
chanakya neethii

puraanaanthey smasaanannthey maithunaanthey yatha mathi.
saa mathih sarvatdah chet syat ko na muchyetha bandhanaath

പുരാണാന്തേ ശ്മശാനാന്തേ മൈഥുനാന്തേച യാ മതിഃ
സാമതി സറ്വദദാ ചേത് സ്യയാത് കോ ന മുച്േയത ബന്ധനാത്

a human being feels highly elated and spiritually close to God at the end of hearing a puranic discourse. After accompanying a dead friend to the burial ground and sseing him off in a blue fume of smoke  he will intensely feel how unreal this life is.  After having a session of copulation with the mate he feel satiated to the extent that  the person will feel a sort of hatred for what he was doing.  The master chanakya points out that if this state of detachment remains with a fellow all the time, who can prevent him from attaining eternal release from the vicissitudes of this mortal life?   The hysteria exhibited by people during purana discourse and the sudden burnout at the end is a quite familiar sight. whe a person dies some friends and family members may wish they had also died along with him.. Keats has expressed well about love's sad satiety. . But think how these thought are so ephemeral?

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