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Wednesday, January 08, 2020

sharp instinct...

उदीरितोऽर्थः पशुनापि गृह्यते
हयाश्च नागाश्च वहन्ति देशिताः।
अनुक्तमप्यूहति पण्डितो जनः
परेङ्गितज्ञानफला हि बुद्धयः॥
udīrito'rthaḥ paśunāpi gṛhyate
hayāśca nāgāśca vahanti deśitāḥ|
anuktamapyūhati paṇḍito janaḥ
pareṅgitajñānaphalā hi buddhayaḥ||

A very instructive slokam from Narayana Pandita's HitopadeshaM
When the meaning and context of a situation is explained in detail, even an animal would understand it and would try to act
Given proper training, the horses and elephants carry people, burden or luggage, weapons etc..
However, the really learned and efficient person would rightly guess the course of action to be followed by him in a given situation.
The growth of intellect of a person is rightly reflected in his capacity to read the minds of others and ability to act accordingly.

With some training and conditioning almost any person or thing could be made to execute run of the mill functions.
But the really sharp and alert persons would be able to judge any situation on its merits, would be able to gauge the preferences and attitudes of people around and find out the right course of action..
Only such people would progress to high situations in life..

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