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Thursday, April 01, 2010

unsolicited liabilities

त्यजेत् धर्मं दयाहीनम् विद्याहीनं गुरुं त्यजेत्।
त्यजेत् क्रोधमुखीं भार्याम् निःस्नेहान् बान्धवांस्त्जेत् ।।
chanakya neethi
thyajeth dharmam dhayaaheenam vidhyaaheenam gurum tyajeth
thyajeth krodhamukheem bhaaryaam  nih snehaan baandhavaamstyajeth

ത്യജേത് ധര്മ്മം ദയാ ഹിനം വിദ്യാഹീനം ഗുരും ത്യജേത്
ന്യജേത് ക്രോധമുഖീം ഭാര്യാം  നിഃസ്നേഹാന് ബാന്ധവാംസ്ത്യജോത്

one should abandon for ever any law which is without compassion,  one should not stick to a teacher whose erudition is suspect and who lacks knowledge, it is better for one to steer clear of a wife who is always showing an angry face ( applicable for the unruly husbands also)  and one should not keep company with the so called relatives who have no love and attachment for him.

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