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Saturday, February 27, 2010

allergies of Lakshmi

मूर्खो यत्र न पूज्यन्ते धान्यं यत्र सुसञ्जितं।

दम्पत्यो कलहो नास्ति तत्र श्री स्वयमागता।।

moorkho yathra na poojyanthey dhaanyam yathra susajjitham

dampathyo kalaho naasthy tattra sree swayamaagathaa

മൂര്ഖോ യത്റ ന പൂജ്യന്തേ ധാന്യം യത്ര സുസജ്ജിതം

ദമ്പത്യോ കലഹോ നാസ്തി തത്ര ശ്രീ സ്വയമാഗതാ

chanakya neethi

where the arrogant and idiotic people are not honoured, where food grains are well stored, where there is absence of constant quarrel between husband and wife, the goddess of wealth Lakshmi resides there on her own.

remember the allergies of goddess of wealth---idiocy and arrogance in people, lack of proper care for food grains, and constant bickering amongst couples.

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