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Saturday, February 20, 2010

an important prayer to Lord Hanuman....which is found very effective for his kindness

Chant this slokam of Sri Hanuman,
Asadhyam Sadhaya Swamin Asadhyam Thava Kim Vada Ram doota kripa sindho Mat karyam sadhaya prabho.
It means: Oh Swamy who makes the most impossible things possible,what is there impossible to you. Oh, most benign messenger of SriRama, please help me to realise my thought/ need.
Bhagwan knows what is the best for you, and if this is it, you will definitely get her. keep faith, take a strong decision to correct your mistakes in future. You are very young and you have many things to plan about. Concentrate on your studies and build up a bright future. Have faith and confidence, everything will happen on its own. God Bless you.
असाध्यं साधय स्वामिन् असाध्यं तव किं वद
रामदूत कृपासिंधो मत्कार्यं साधय प्रभो

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