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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Fwd: inherent lustre

: inherent lustre
यस्य नैसर्गिकी शोभा तन्न संस्कारमर्हति
कःकलां शशिनो मर्ष्ठि कौस्स्तुभःकेन रज्यते।

yasya naisarghikee shobha tad na samskaram arhathi
kah kalaam saisno marshthi, kaustubhah kena rajyathey

an object which has inherent lustre (greatness) will not require further embellishments to make it presentable or marketable. nobody travels to moon to clean its surface, nor anybody tries to polish the Kaustuba gem adorning the bosom of Krishna.
I think the modern marketing pundits will not entirely agree. Window dressing and packaging are part of their promotion drives... they will better try to polish a metallic piece to such perfection that it sells in the market as lunar crescent and with a grinding stone and a more grinding tongue they may market a pebble as the original Kaustubham and also make people believe that Krishna in his austerity drive has already sent his prime gem for auction

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