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Friday, February 19, 2010

dont show your back feet at them

पादाभ्यां न स्पृशेदग्निं गुरुं ब्राह्मणमेव च
नैव गां च कुमारीं च न च वृद्धं शिशुं तथा

paadabhyan na sprused agnim gurum braahmanam eva cha
naiva gaam cha kumareem  cha na cha  vridhdham  shishum  thadha

പാദാഭ്യാം ന സ്പൃശേത് അഗ്നിം ഗുരും ബ്രാഹ്മണമേവ ച
നൈവ ഗാം ച കുമാരീം ച ന ച വൃദ്ധം ശിശും തഥാ
chanakya neethi

one should not touch (with disrespect or even inadvertently) by ones legs  the fire, the preceptor, the learned person, the cow, the small girl, the elderly person or the infant child'

it is considered a very bad show of resepect to touch someting by feet, and see how the master has listed the most respected and valued things in his list!

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