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Sunday, February 14, 2010

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by kannan on 2/13/10

Unity and integrity of our motherland..
dear sir, we are flooded with news items regarding fissiparous tendencies across the county. The threat to unity of our country is real, brewing internally across the various groups based on language, ethnicity, caste-upper,lower, upper-middle, lower-middle, APL, BPL the list is long. Simulataneously the national borders are also brimming with unrest on every front. The vagaries of economic indices with no rhyme of reason and the consequent skyrocketing of prices and hoarding of essential commodities pose another bottleneck. The immediate socio-political developments baffle us. Political bosses appear to be doing tapas and havan to get some point to foment unrest. The nation is the property of everyone, and every citizen has the right to occupy and engage in profitable avocation from anywhere in India. It is his fundamental right. But see Mumbai and Maharashtra... for flimsly reasons, may be with eyes on votebanks and out of pique for not attaining political upper hand in the recent hustings, the second biggest political outfit is fomenting trouble and causing damage seeking out any frivolous issue, like support to Pakistan Cricket Players, release of a film by a hero from ethnic minority...why, they have not even spared our dearest Sachin for just stating the fact that India is for every Indian. It is heartening to note that Rahulji has visited and exhibited a brave face against this, but the results are yet to be known. In the North Eastern states the struggle by disparate groups have wreaked destruction beyond count and the official administrative machinery is a mute observer, playing the role of a tragic hero. Political setback in West Bengal has its ripples in the psyche of the ruling party cadres and it is an unstable equilibrium prevailing there.. In Andhra Pradesh, the Telengana issue never appears to appears that everyone is trying to delay the inevitable. In Kerala, the faction fight in the ruling front and the brainless encroachments and other action by ruling cadres have cost dearly to the credibility of the hotchpotch alignment in power. The scarcity in every consumable item, the impact of financial crisis in gulf,,and many factors have led the keralites now innure to any more bolts from the blue. The ripples of Yazhppaanam never leaves Tamilnadu alone.

We do not have any friendly neighbour as on date perhaps excepting the play acting Bangladesh, and their attitude is also not dependable. Coolly they have pushed in many of their people into Bengal and nearby states. That country forms the hub of all illegal trafficking whether in drugs, women or contraband items at the cost of our Nation , and they provide easy access for infiltration through north east. On the west our friends Pakistan and rattling their batons all the time, and their first choice to calm down the internal instabillity and poverty is to berate India and threat India with war. The attitude of the big brother China on Tibetan issue is causing concern. If a bee flies above manasarovar and he had been to India also they immediately lodge a protet. Instability has set in Sri Lanka also. Fonseka had a good vote but now he is harassed. This again is nuisance for India.

Then the terrorists, Taliban, al quieda, and what not, they have all their targets in India.
One point omitted is the recession and its aftermaths. Now in US and western countries they want us to play second fiddle only. This is an ominous signal.

The picture is grim. But at least now we should be able to stand upa as a united India. Gandhijis call do or die gains significance at this juncture.



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