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Saturday, February 06, 2010

even flaw becomes ornament

एको हि दोषो गुणसन्निपाते निमज्जतीन्दोः किरणेष्विवाङ्कः
eko hi dosho gunasannipaathey nimajjatheendoh kiraneshwivankah

Kumara sambhavam of kalidasa

Even a flaw in a thing which is endowed with too many virtues,
gets absorbed in it as an ornament, like the crater on the face of the moon.
(while describing the beauty of Himalaya,
 Kalidasa becomes conscious of its ever present blanket of ice which might mar its attractiveness,
 even though the mountain is the minehead of
 inuumerable gems.  His remarks are in this context.)

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