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Monday, February 15, 2010

knowledge and money at short call

पुस्तकेषु च या विद्या परहस्तेषु यद्धनम् ।
उत्पन्नेषु च कार्येषु न सा विद्या न तद्धनम् ।।

pusthakeshu cha yaa vidhdhya parahastheshu yadhdhanam
utpanneshu cha kaaryeshu na saa vidhyaa na tad dhanam

Chanakya neethi

the knowledge stored in books alone and money kept in other hands, will not serve your purpose when a real necessity arises.

our tendency often is to presume for ourselves that we very learned simply because we have a lot of reference books and that  we can anyway decide upon the correct course of action in an emergency  by referring to such volumes when need arises . 
But at the critical juncture we may not be able to recall the requisite knowledge. Similarly we tend to deposit for safe custody all our wealth and money with expert professionals. 
In spite of all the assurances rarely will we see our money when we try to recall it from 

The master is not against books or bankers , He only reminds us  that essential knowledge and skill should be at our fingertips and the money for essential survival should be available in our personal custody.

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