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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

what is poison

अनभ्यासेविषं विद्या अजीर्णेभोजनं विषं। विषं गोष्ठी दरिद्रस्य भोजनान्ते जलं विषम् ।।
anaabhyaase visham vidhya ajeerney bhojanam visham goshtee daridrasya bhjananthe jalam visham
അനാഭ്യാസേ വിഷം വിദ്യാ അജീര്ണേ ഭോജനം വിഷം വിഷം ഗോഷ്ഠീ ദരിദ്രസ്യ ഭോജനാന്തേ ജലം വിഷം chanakya neethi
for a person not properly trained mere education can prove to be poison, for one suffering from indigestion further consumption food can become poisonous, for the poor fellow company of very rich people can prove disastrous like poison, and drinking of excessive water after a full meal also have the disadvantageous effect of poison.

education without proper development of working skills can kill, excessive food for one suffering from indigestion cannot be good, when a poor guy lands up in the gang of rich and unruly men he will be suffering humiliation and even physical assault, and when we drink excessive quantities of water after heavy food the digestive juices get diluted and the food already consumed cannot get absorbed in the body properly

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