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Saturday, February 20, 2010

big and small

न पादपोन्मूलनशक्तिरंहः शिलोच्चये मूर्च्छति मारुतस्य।
na paadaponmoolana shakthi ramhah shilochchaye moorchathi maaruthasya
ന പാദപോന്മൂലനശകതിരംഹഃ ശിലോച്ചയേ മൂറ്ച്ഛതി മാരുതസ്യ

the supreme arrogance of the wind uprooting a tree  will be shattered if he tries his prank with a mountain

usually when there is a strong wind the trees of all sized get uprooted and the wind gets arrogant, and if he approaches a mountain and tries to uproot it  he will learn his lesson.

 This principle will apply with equal force in respect of many of the inflated gasbags, which are called humans.

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