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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Namah Sivaya

Some fond thoughts about the supreme greatness of Lord Siva Crosses my mind on the sivaratri eve.  Kalidasa said, " Akinchanah san prabhavah sa sampadhaam thrilokanathah pitrusadma gocharah, sa bheema roopa siva iti udeerayathey, na santhi yaadhaarthyavidah pinakinah."..." He is having nothing, as we could see that he sets out with a begging bowl, but he is the source of all wealth and prosperity in the universe, he is the master of the three worlds but neither his parentage nor his permanent residence could be certified,He is of very fearful form they say but he is the meekest of the meekt, Shiva...there is nobody who could divine the reality of this Pinakapani.".. Kalidasa again says," vibooshnodhbaasi pinadhdha bogi vaa gajaajinaalambi dukoola dhari vaa kapali vaa syat adhava indusekharam, na visvamooheh avadhaaryathey vapuh-"- "He is adorned in priceless ornaments sometimes, but at other times he is just standing there with snakes tied around every part of his body as ornaments, he uses the skin of a just killed elephant to cover his body at times, but he is often adorned in silk clothes also, He goes around with a skull in hand for begging often but at other times the moon, the source of all aiswarya in its crescent form adorns his matted hair... how can we understand the physical make up of this viswamoorthy?
Amongst brhamins smaarthas predominate and in sankapa everywhere in India, whether it is siva pooja or vishnupooja, yaga or yagna, may be even a cremation of a sraadha we start the sankalpa with "mamopatha samastha durithakshaya dwaaraa sree Parameswara preethyartham.." so we do everthing in his name.
Thinking of it, we are simply dependent on Siva from the moment we are born to our last breath and beyond that.  NAMAH SIVAYA

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