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Sunday, February 14, 2010

friend or foe

friend or foe

न कश्चित् कस्यचिन्मित्रं न कश्चित् कस्यचिद्रिपुः ।
व्यवहारेण जायन्ते मित्राणि रिपवस्तथा।।

na kaschit kasyachit mithram na kaschit kasyachit ripuh
vyavahaarena jaayanthe mithraani ripavah thatha

Basically no person is the friend of another, neither is he an enemy.
Friendship and enmity arise between persons through mutual interaction.

by this single terse sloka the great philosopher economist Chanakya has simply explained the sumb and substance of human relationships.
People can fall apart on account of conflict of interest, real or imaginary, conflict of perception or idiosyncratic preferences and prejudices..and because of artificial barriers of caste, religion, nationality etc.,
But all these happen only when people interact mutually..

If somebody manages to acquire enemies even without interaction, then he is a doubly distilled idiot.

No management, no medication, no advise can cure or save him.

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