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Tuesday, February 02, 2010

brother, my brother


देशे देशे कळत्राणि देशे देशे च बान्धवाः
तं तु देशं न पश्यामि यत्रभ्राता सहोदरः 
9valmiki Ramayanam Yuddhakaandam ch 101 sloka15)

deshe deshe kalatraani, deshe deshe cha bandavaaH 
tam tu desham na pashyaami yatra bhraataa sahodaraH

ദേശേ ദേശേ കളത്രാണി ദേശേ ദേശേ ച ബാന്ധവാ
തം തു ദേശം ന പശ്യാമി യാത്ര ഭ്രാതാ സഹൊദരഃ 
when you go to various places you may acquire new wives,
and consequently fresh relatives too,

but i cannot think of a place where one 
can acquire a uterine brother.
this the the lament of Sri Rama in Yuddhakantam of Valmiki ramayanam.
Lakshman is hit by a very potentt weapo huled by Ravana in war,

and he is lying practically dead 
(later Hanuman would revive him with Mritasanjeevani}

but the greatest hero Rama is his by the pangs of remorse at the loss of a brother..... 
once a brother is gone you cannot get a fresh brother, 
this is true to this day, 
the void created by the departure of a brother remains unbridgeable.

A part of oneself is gone for ever.

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