pachai maamalai pol mene

Saturday, April 24, 2010

am I becoming too pedantic?.

my respected elders and dear friend.. now I am trying to cull out some gems from the vast ocean of Mahabharatam and such texts. This represents the quintessance of our oriental wisdom.  But our old acharyas are too forthright and when quoting and explaining them , I am afraid I may get pedantic often and this may bore you or irritate you.  When I toil and find out some things which I consider gems and dish them out to you, the response need not be as I expected. If my friends expect any change from this trend on my part, I may please be advised. This is a humble request.  with namaskarams to all my friends.  KVA
Because vanity is the hallmark of all humans, and some halfbaked knowledge makes a fellow arrogant, I would hav comitted many howlers.  Thak you for suffering me.

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