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Sunday, April 04, 2010

onion is onion alone

प्राञ्चं गुणं मुञ्जति नो पलाण्डः।।


karpooradhoolee kalithalavaley
kasthurikaakalpitha dohalasreeh
prancham gunam munchathi no palaandah

പ്രാഞ്ചം ഗുണം മുഞ്ചതി നോ പലാണ്ഡഃ

you prepare the base for planting it  with finely powdered camphor, and add manure of only musk (kasthuri)  and you irrigate it with water collected  of pure dew and rose essence, and plant and nurture an onion tuber this way.... but  when harvested, you will get the increased crop of onion with the same old odour...the onion cannot abandon its inherent nature.

If one plants onion and change the system of  soil, manure and irrigation , but the product onlon will  be the same old qulity of  pungent stink. One cannot change ones nature which are in the genes. 
This reminds one of the old tenali rama story where he tried to change the colour of a black dog by soaking it for long in water treating its skin with lime and rubbing its body rough with the sharpened edge of a broken coconut the end the dog barked and whined a lot perhaps shed some bled but the king was taught the lesson that he could not make changes in a man by mere religious rituals.

See the politicians, filmstars and people who flaunt glamour,  if you try to approach the core the old hypocrat will show his face from under the surface skin.  This analogy can be elaborated in so many is for the learned to think and expand on it.

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