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Tuesday, April 06, 2010

fate. the despot

पत्रं नैव करीरविटपे दोषो वसन्तस्य किम्
नोलूकोप्यवलोकतॆ यदि दिवा सूर्यस्य किं दूषणम्।
वर्षे नैव पतन्ति चातकमुखे मेघस्य किं दूषणम् 
 यत्पूर्वं विधिना ललाटलिखितं तन्मार्जितुं कःक्षमः।।

chanakya neethi

pathram naiva kareeravitapey dosho vasanthasya kim
nolookopyavalokathey yadhi divaa sooryasya kim dooshanam
varsham naiva pathanthi chathakamukhey meghasya kim dooshanam
yatpoorvam vidhinaa lalaatalikhitham tanmaarjithum kah kshamah

പത്രം നൈവകരീരവിടപേ ദോഷോ വസന്തസ്യ കിം
നോലൂകോപ്യവലോകതേ യദി ദിവാ സൂര്യ്യസ്യ കിം ദൂഷണം
വര്ഷം നൈവപതന്തി ചാതകമുഖേ മേഘസ്യ കിം ദൂണം
യത്പുര്വം വീധിനാ ലലാടലിഖിതം തന്മാര്ജിതും കഃ ക്ഷമഃ

With the arrival of spring season all trees are covered by foliage but the bamboo tree gets no leaves, is it the fault of Spring season?
When the sun rises, the owi is not able to see, is it the fault of the sun?
A lot of clouds form and pour rain but all the rain does not fall into the mouth of the  chakora bird which is wailing for rainwater. It is definitely not the fault of the rainclouds.
Whatever is written by the fate on the forehead  of a being at its birth is indelible.  Who is having the capacity to erase that document?.

Chanakya  is emphasizing the power of fate.  It is our belief that ones fate is already recorded indelibly on his forehead.. And  this premeditated enactment cannot be amended by any force in the world.   The bamboo leaves are sparse in spring, the owl is blind during the daytime and the mythological chakora bird which is always looking up and wailing at the clouds in the sky for rain to pour  and is keeping its mouth open in expectation that all the rain will fall into its open mouth is in for disappointment. Only a few drops may fall on its open mouth that too by chance.  The crafty Brahmadeva had already recorded the fate of everyone on the respective forehead (may be the record will be large if one has a bald pate) and there is no way of cirumventing the dicta of fate.  Elsewhere we might have read,  harinaapi harenapi brahmanaapi surairapi, Lalaatey likhitha rekha sakyathey key na  maarshtithum. It is also said, alanghaneeyaa kamalasanaajna.   Even for Vishnu Siva,  Brahma, or the devas, the writing on the forehead is impossible of erasure.  The orders of the occupant of the lotus seat ( brahma) cannot be circumvented.   The master talks about the inevitability of the vagaries of fate and also  indicates the futility of one's action in blaming others for once or misfortune.  If your gold is very rich in copper and tin,, what is the meaning of assaulting the goldsmith?

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