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Thursday, April 08, 2010

the six relatives

सत्यं माता पिता ज्ञानं धर्मो भ्राता दया सखा ।
शान्तिः पत्नी क्षमा पुत्रो षडेते मम बान्धवाः।।


satyam maathaa pithaa jnanam dharmo bhrathaa dhaya sakhaa
shanthih pathnee kshama putro shadethey mama bandhavaah

സത്യം മാതാ പിതാ ജ്ഞാനം ധര്മ്മോ ഭ്രാതാദയാ സഖാ
ശാന്തിഃ പത്നീ ക്ഷമാ പുത്രോ ഷഡേതേ മമ ബാന്ധവാഃ

The closest relatives one should have as prescribed by the master are, truth should be his mother, deep knowledge should be his father, proper adherence to the exalted norms of the society should be his brother, mercy should be his friend,  calmness his wife and patience his son.

The master lawmaker does not imply  the physical relationships as is evident from the fact that he has pointed out calmness as one's wife and patience as his son (wonderful).  But the six  virtues if  loved like the relatives equated to them by chanakya will make a man perfect.

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