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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

faithful servant should be treated with affection.

भक्तं शक्तं कुलीनं च न भृत्यं अवमानयेत्।

पुत्रवल्लालयेन्नित्यं य इच्चेच्च्रियमात्मनाः॥३८२॥

राजा तुष्टोपि भृत्यानाम् अर्थ-मात्रं प्रयच्चति।

ते तु सम्मानितास्तस्य प्राणैरप्युपकुर्वते॥३८३॥


bhaktaṁ śaktaṁ kulīnaṁ ca na bhṛtyaṁ avamānayet |

putravallālayennityaṁ ya icceccriyamātmanāḥ ||382||

rājā tuṣṭopi bhṛtyānām artha-mātraṁ prayaccati |

te tu sammānitāstasya prāṇairapyupakurvate ||383||


One who is desirous of wealth and welfare for himself should never insult of ill-treat  his  servant who is devoted to his master, who is powerful and who is of proper birth.

  Such a servant should be treated with affection as if he were the son of the master.

Even a king who is extremely pleased with his servant will at best present his with a lot of money.

But a noble servant who is honoured by the king will repay his debt with his own life.

A well born person would have taken up the job of a servant only because of personal compulsions. 
Usually what he expects from his master is some affection and understanding.
 The wages would be a lesser priority.
 If the servant is devoted and also powerful (physically, possessing knowledge, intelligence) he is a great asset.  And the employers be it an individual, a corporate entity or the megalith called the government should understand this.
 The servant develops great affection and sense of indebtedness towards the master and is always prepared even to lay down his life for the sake of the master.
Corporate sector all over the world and sensible and noble individuals have always treated their servants well.   And when it comes to government sector, the relationship becomes faceless.
 Maybe, this is the reason why the bureaucrats never give their best to the employer especially when their role is not taken note of.
We have to remember  with gratitude the patriotic soldiers, policemen etc., who have always placed their lives at the disposal of the government, always prepared to  offer the supreme sacrifice.
 If such employees are not treated well, there will not be any progress or welfare for the country as a whole.

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