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Saturday, April 03, 2010


जाड्यं धियो हरति सिञ्जति वाचि सत्यम्
मानोन्नतिं दिशति पापमपाकरोति।
चेतः प्रसादयति दिक्षु तनोषि कीर्त्तिम्
सत्संगतिः कथय किं न करोति पुंसाम्।।

bharthruhari neethisathakam

jaadyam dhiyo harathi sinchathi vaachi satyam
maanonnathim dishatha paapamapaakarothi
chethah prasadayathi dikshu thanoshi keerthim
satsangathi kathaya kim na karothi pumsaam

ജാഡ്യം ധിയോ ഹരതി സിഞ്ജതി വാചി സത്യം
മാനോന്നതിം ദിശതി പാപപമപാകരോതി
ചേതഃപ്രസാദയതി ദിക്ഷു തനോതി കീര്ത്തിം
സത്സംഗതിഃ കഥയ കിം ന കരോതി പുംസാം

Tell me, what is there that cannot be achieved for a human being through the company of great and noble persons (satsanga)?  Such company  removes the stagnation of the intellect.. Constant interaction with the great men fills our tongue with truth....gradually the capacity and tendency to speak untruth vanishes.  Being  present in the comany of such enlightened souls enhances our own self respect and stature.  Getting in constant touch with such seers washes away all our sins.  Satsang  invigorates our mind beyond words.  Such friendships enhances our fame also in all direction. Tell what more is necessary for an honest and upright person?

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