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Friday, April 02, 2010

jumping at the lump

भूमौ निपत्य वदनोदरदर्शनं च।
श्वा पिण्डदस्य कुरुते गजपुंगवस्तु
धीरं विलोकयति चाटुशतैश्च भुङ्क्ते।।

Barthruhari  neethisatakam

Laangoola chalanam adhah charanaavaghaatham
bhhomau nipathya vadhanodhara darsanam cha
shwaa pindadasya kuruthey gajapungavsthu
dheeram vilokayathi chatu sathaischa bhungthey

ഭൂമൌ നിപത്യ വദനോദരദര്ശനം ച
ശ്വാ പിണ്ഡദസ്യ കുരുതേ ഗജപുംഗവസ്തു
ധീരംവിലോകയതി ചാടുശതൈശ്ച ഭുങ്തേ

The dog, to get a morsel of food wags his tail vigorously before his master, bends his leg and falls on the ground and makes pathetic exhibitions of his face and belly,  but the dignified elephant just looks boldly at the face of his master  and the master has to utter innumerable endearing words to persuade the elephant to eat a lump of food.

This is the difference between the silly sycophant  and the bold dignified deputy.  The former has to enact so many humiliating gimmicks to get some favour from his master. The dog is by nature too eager to get his food and when his food is in sight he cannot conceal his greed and capitulates before the provider of the food, and taking advantage of this the master also teases him utmost before throwing the food at him.  Some people are also like this by nature. Even for a silly fillip they will not hesitate to perform any sort of action which would degrade their self esteem.  In contrast, an elephant which is also a servant of its owner, just casts a graceful glance at the master and even if he is hungry  he would take food only after receiving so many persuasive and endearing words from the matter. The master poet bharthruhari in fact describes the attitude of the elephant to highlight the approach of the bold and dignified person towards receiving favours . He just approaches the master and looks straight at his face and in fact receives the remuneration for his toil and the master has to deal with him with utmost respect and dignity.  In fact the treatment receive by the two depends on the way they react to the small favours.  The dog jumps and dances and gets humiliated but the elephant receives the same in a regal fashion.  In fact the master feels favoured himself by offering something to the dignified servant who receives the same without losing his self respect.

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