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Tuesday, April 13, 2010


त्यजेत् कुलार्थे पुरुषम् ग्रामस्यार्थे कुलम् त्यजेत्
ग्रामम् जनपथस्यार्थे आत्मार्थे पृथ्वीम् त्यजेत्
tyajet kulārthe puruṣam grāmasyārthe kulam tyajet
grāmam janapathasyārthe ātmārthe pṛthvīm tyajet

vidura neethi
ത്യജേത് കുലാര്ഥേ പുരുഷം ഗ്രാമസ്യാര്ഥേ കുലം ത്യജേത്
ഗ്രാമം ജനപഥസ്യാര്ഥേ ആത്മാര്ഥേ പൃഥ്വീം ത്യജേത്

one should be bold enough to abandon  an  individual member for the sake of a family, one should give up the family when the welfare of the village call for it, and it is not improper to sacrifice a village for the sake of a whole country  and a seeker after the supreme self  will be doing right in forsaking the whole earth for attaining it.

If a son or a member of the family is so harmful to the interests of the family as a whole then  the best policy will be to steer clear of him if the family is to hold together.  If one family becomes a nuisance for the whole village the family should be ignored for the progress of the village.  Likewise when a village stand in the way of progress of the country, the village should be abandoned for the sake of the country.   The first three dicta  are political and mundane dicta.  The final advise on  abandoning of the whole world for realizing the supreme soul is a spiritual matter.

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